Sustainability is a key philosophy at Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf. From environmentally friendly practices, such as wastewater recycling and promoting local cultural traditions, we are committed to living in harmony with the environment and the community.

Partnering with the nearby village of Kutuh, we have strived to realize a vision of sustainable development that enhances the area’s potential while preserving its natural beauty and cultural heritage. This partnership has created amazing synergies, recognizing and celebrating the incredible heritage and traditions of Kutuh such as its skilled kecak api dance performances and Pura Dhang Kahyangan, one of the three most sacred temples in Bali.

Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf is proud to partner with Kutuh and the Balinese people.

Living Culture

Living Culture

Showcasing Balinese traditions

The Bukit Pandawa Cultural Park, run in partnership with Kutuh Village, showcases authentic Balinese traditions.

Environmental Preservation

Environmental Preservation

Shoreline and coral preservation

Protecting the natural beauty of our coastline and its coral reefs is one of our major priorities.


Harmony with Nature

Native vegetation and plant cover

The grounds are landscaped using native, non-invasive plant species that are appropriate to the local ecosystem.

Local Employment

Local Employment

Hiring from local communities

We train and hire local residents where possible, creating jobs and income for communities.

WasteWater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Effective and responsible practices

Wastewater is processed and used for landscaping purposes, and leftover sludge is hauled out periodically in only the most responsible methods.

Energy Efficiency

Energy and emissions reduction

We strive to be conscious of, and reduce, energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Building designs encourage natural air flow and light, reducing the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting.